LSM Continues to Focus on Member Health and Safety

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LSM’s Response to the
Philadelphia Inquirer Article

April 9, 2018

Friends, family, and fans,

In light of the recent news published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, we at LSM feel it is an important time to reiterate the fact that the health and safety of our program’s members, staff, and volunteers are our top priority. 

Like many other pageantry arts organizations, LSM has experienced extraordinary growth and success because we teach our members to always fight to be better every time they do something – whether that be in performance, or their everyday lives.  We feel it would be inappropriate to ask this of our members every day if we aren’t constantly trying to do the same ourselves as an administrative staff. 

Over the next couple weeks, the LSM Board of Directors intend to work tirelessly to review, refine, and implement any policies and procedures that revolve around the safety of those within the organization. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory background checks for all administrative staff, educational staff, and volunteers. 
  • Mandatory Reporting training for all administrative and educational staff. 
  • Reviewing all policies in our current member handbook.
  • Reviewing all policies in our current staff handbook.
  • Developing a Volunteer Handbook. 
  • Investigating any and all issues brought to our attention. 
  • Implementing a Whistleblower Policy and an anonymous reporting form. 

Over the next few weeks, LSM will be making a number of major announcements regarding where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going as an organization.  As we continue to grow in ways we’ve never thought possible, we feel there is no time better than now to look at how we can be better for those involved in LSM and provide them with an incredible and safe experience. 

If you have any questions about our policies, you may direct them to

Finally, to the courageous individuals who came forward to share their stories about sexual misconduct and harassment within pageantry arts organizations, we applaud you.  We feel many organizations will become stronger and safer for all because of you. 

We hear you, and we are with you. 

Musically yours,

Zachary Novicki
Executive Director
LSM Performing Arts