Kimberly Pernak


Kim’s love for music began when she was 6 years old, trying to play her sister’s trumpet. She joined 5th grade band in the Woodhaven school district and continued her education from there.  In 9th grade, she made the switch from trumpet to french horn in concert band but, continued playing the trumpet in the Woodhaven Warrior Marching Band, where she fell in love with the marching arts. She was also part of the school’s choir, jazz, and theatre programs.

In 2010, as a sophomore in high school, Kim began participating in events with LSM.
In 2013, she landed her first instructing gig with the Marching Marauders at Carlson High School.

From there, in the fall of 2014, Kim began furthering her education at Western Michigan University in their music education program where she played the french horn- but as life is a series of twists and turns, she did not get to complete this education (yet) because she became a mother to a beautiful baby boy, Gavin, in 2016.  She loves being a mom and continues her love for music with LSM, helping out wherever she can. One day she hopes to finish her education and continue helping kids with their musical aspirations.

Kim currently works on the visual staff at Southgate Anderson High School.

Oh, and when she isn’t working with LSM and has a free moment after a long day of being a mom- she likes to play video games, write lyrics, sing along to broadway songs, spend time with her huge family and come up with yummy creative dishes in the kitchen!