Christine Netschke


Christine is currently the (self-proclaimed) most devoted member of LSM, and found her passion for music by playing flute back in 2008.  She then joined the Livonia Franklin Patriots’ percussion section in 2013. Her first year was spent as a part of their front ensemble, and then she transitioned to the battery on bass for the following three years. In the Summer of 2017 she also marched Cymbals at Shadow Drum and Bugle corps. Wanting to pursue in her love for music and further her education, she joined LakeShoremen Winds in the winter of 2015 and LakeShoremen’s SoundSport Team the following summer.  Showing true love and dedication for LSM and its members, an insightful knack for Photoshop and witty way with exposing our organization to the general public, Christine is our Social Media Coordinator, and plays a key role in bettering LSM’s reputation every day! Don’t be surprised if you see her taking a picture!